The Farm

Our Story

...of passion and dedication...


When Mutheu Kithuma transitioned from the tourism industry and founded Kibwezi Agro Limited, her vision was to grow an apple mango orchard that would be distinct amongst the world’s best varieties. 

Prior destination agri - benchmarking trips saw the founder set for herself the goal of signing a lease for the orchard.  

She, however, could not have envisioned the literal journey of ups and downs; above all – the hard work she was about to embark on….land preparation, the first seedling transplant, the drive to scale up the orchard population, the professional liaisons forged with technical and professional industry organisations in creating a pest-free orchard.

The company has continuously engaged with the value chain stakeholders and the community, in ensuring the premium product positioning of the apple mango in both the domestic and international markets. The sheer determination over the years to succeed as a large scale orchard growing quality and quantity produce remains the anchor and vision for Kibwezi Agro Limited.