The Farm

Our Story

From agri-tourism, grew an orchard

As Kenya’s largest orchard of the Apple Mango variety, Kibwezi Agro Limited is committed to deliver tasty, quality and quantity mangoes throughout Kenya’s off-season production season from August to November every year. 

When the company directors signed on with Agricultural Finance Corporation to specialize in mango production, they could not have anticipated the literal journey of highs and lows as they transitioned from agri-tourism industry into growing an orchard; the victories and losses, and above all – hard work they were about to embark on. 

The Orchard was set up in 2013, and is situated in Makueni County, Kenya. The orchard is gradually maturing and expanding into more acreage with seasonal production of over 8,000,000 fruit.

Passion and a dedicated professional team led by Mutheu Kithuma, the managing director, collaboration with other stakeholders, attribute to Kibwezi Agro Limited’s growth and success which boasts of collective team experience of over 10 years, in mango growing, harvesting, to ensure quality mango delivery to consumers both in Kenya and the Middle East Countries every season.


Award Winning

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