Who we are

Delivering quality and quantity every season

Kibwezi Agro Ltd. is a large scale commercial mango orchard started in 2012 by Mutheu Kithuma in Kibwezi, Kenya. We plant and purely focus on Mango’s, specifically apple mango. With time, patience and consistency, the farm grew to be the largest mango orchard in the country. We are a Global Gap member and are certified by KEPHIS and HCD.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Provide leadership in mango farming, quality control, production and final produce in East Africa. We want to create a farmer friendly environment that boosts us into Western markets and yield the best East African quality of mango. 


Engage in full cycle mango production through sustainable and conservative methods that provides the best quality of mangoes and promotes local businesses and preserves fresh Kibwezi produce. We would like to create farmer friendly environments to learn from one another and improve opportunities for the Makueni region mango farmers. 

Kibwezi Agro is Global GAP Certified!