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from agri-tourism, an orchard grew...

When Mutheu Kithuma transitioned from the tourism industry and founded Kibwezi Agro Limited, her vision was to grow an apple mango orchard that would be distinct amongst the world’s best varieties. 
Prior destination agri - benchmarking trips and hearing a profound remark at a cocktail, saw Mutheu Kithuma set for herself the goal of signing a lease signing for the orchard. She, however, could not have envisioned the literal journey of ups and downs; above all – the hard work she was about to embark on….land preparation, the first seedling transplant, the drive to scale up the orchard population, the professional liaisons forged with biological research organizations in creating a pest-free orchard.

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Our Mango, Our Culture

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Our Mango, Our Culture

The largest apple mango orchard in Kenya since 2013

A Mango Orchard

Offering Quality Apple Mango for both domestic and international markets

At Kibwezi Agro,

We produce 62,000MT of apple mango per week

We Value

Consistency in apple mango production from season to season

Kibwezi Agro,

Our Mango Our Culture

Marvellous Mango

Much more than JUST a source of mangoes.

The growth of the tree causes a process called carbon sequestration or carbon uptake. Trees absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and use it to form the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit of the mango tree. In return, the tree produces oxygen and releases it into the environment during this process.

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