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A four-hour drive from Nairobi and 40 kilometres from Kibwezi town, brings you to Ingóla Village in Masongaleni. The orchard sits on the banks of Athi River overlooking the Tsavo East National Park with the Yatta Plateau forming a scenic background.

Kibwezi Agro Orchard is driven by the passion of its founder and the dedicated team of staff. Back in 2013, the first 6 hectares were transplanted with 2,700 seedlings and today has 10,000 mango trees spread over 72 hectares producing a minimum of 62,000 MT per week during harvest season.

Undoubtedly, one of the LARGEST apple mango orchards in Kenya. 


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Our Mango, Our Culture

Our Mango, Our Culture

The largest apple mango orchard in Kenya since 2013

A Mango Orchard

Offering Quality Apple Mango for both domestic and international markets

At Kibwezi Agro,

We produce 62,000MT of apple mango per week

The Mango Cycle

driven by Integrated Pest Management...

Our pest management practices start with the selection of the propagation material. The seeds selected for germination are those devoid of pest, hence reducing the chances of disease carryover from the rootstock. This is also applicable to the choice of scions for grafting.

Fruit fly infestation is managed and controlled by the use of a liquid para-pheromone to attract male Bactrocera and other members of the dorsalis pest complex. Seed weevil controlled organically by maintaining orchard hygiene.